Slovenian Bloggers on sunbathing: BLENDING WITH WHITE WALLS


Hey guys! Summer is here and so are summer holidays, so a lot of us want to lay in the sun and get the tan going... but is it really worth damaging your skin just to apply to everyones standards? I've always been referred to as being as white as the walls or the colour of sour cream, just because my skin lacks in melanin. I have a very pale complexion with a hint of an olive undertone and I've never felt like that is something I needed to change. And yes, every time I went swimming by the pool or in the sea, everyone stared at me like I was an alien, because my skin was so bright against everyone else's.

I've teamed up with my fellow bloggers to raise awareness on this topic, because you shouldn't have to say things like "My legs are so pasty. I'm in need of a tan ASAP", every time summer comes along, but instead embrace your healthy skin as it is. If that is something you'd like to do or see other people do. 

Self tanning is a great way for enhancing your skin tone, or looking tan whenever you want to, without damaging your skin. But I really can't be bothered to do it every week, and it's something I really didn't enjoy when I tried it. So instead I just care for my skin with different products that help me get that summer glow, without self tanner or the stupid oils and jams with no SPF what so ever that grease you up nicely to fry in the sun. That is a picnic I wouldn't go to. 

I mostly use SPF 30 on my body and 50 on my face, so I know my skin is protected when I'm out and about, and I never get sun burnt because of it. My skin just naturally goes a shade or two darker and that's it. This year I'm just using these NIVEA Sun protect & bronze sunscreens that are great because they're not heavy or greasy on the skin and do the job very well. I don't really look for specific SPF products, just what I can get my hands on at that time. This year it's NIVEA, next year it could be something else. I don't really care, as long as it protects my skin from UVA and UVB.

Moisturising is something I would really advise doing every day as well. It gets a bit annoying moisturising your body, but your skin will thank you for it. At the moment I use a few different body moisturisers, like this L'OCCITANE Jasmin-Immortelle Neroli or my AlpStories hazelnut oil
The star of these products is my new Caudalie Divine legs tinted body lotion, that gives your skin a hint of colour just to warm it up a little bit. I would suggest mixing it with oil for an even application, like I do with my AlpStories oil. I also got this 4 KIDS AND US oil, for soothing the skin after being exposed to the sun. It smells amazing. 

So the girls I've teamed up with are also writing their views on this subject, that you should definitely check out. We all have different experiences and thoughts that I think could be of interest to you if you've had problems like this:

Ana (Šoštanj) from Mad About Red thinks that "even if tanned skin may appear healthier, it's really not. Because the tanning process of skin is actually its defence mechanism against the sun. Don't use the different products for faster tanning effects, because you will only harm yourself. Your skin ages faster and gets damaged." Read more here.

Mateja (Novo Mesto) from Mateja's Beauty Blog says: "I'm certain most of you are well aware how dangerous sun bathing can be. As far as I'm concerned, you'll find me in the shade... Where I live, so in Dolenjska, though I absolutely cannot speak for everyone who lives here, sun protection is seen as something you wear on the beach or the pool and not every day, but whether people sun bathe, it depends on the person." Read more here

 Nika (Ljubljana) from Beautyfullblog thinks that "We women sometimes convince ourselves that tanned skin covered with 'marmelades' is more delicious than the healthy rice coloured option, because we want to impress people on the beach or on Instagram. Thus we 'fry' ourselves even more, using different excuses." Read more here.

Sandra (London) from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life says: "I don't remember the last time I got a proper tan and it's not something I even wish for anymore. Please ignore everyone who says that you NEED to be tanned to look 'healthy'. It's bullshit. Do you want to know what's truly healthy? Cancer-free skin. That's what's healthy." Read more here.

 Tamara (Koper) from Cherry Colors says: "Ever since I was little, my sister and I were called different names, because of our pale complexion. Children can be cruel and because of that comments like "yogurt" or "cheese" were on the menu daily." Read more here.

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  1. Joj sploh nisem vedela, da si Kranjčanka :D
    Lešnikovo olje in Caudalie Divine Legs sta tudi pri meni med najljubšimi izdleki za poletje :)

    1. Nisem originalno iz Kranja, moj fant zivi tam in sem vecino casa pri njemu, zato sem rekla, da bom kr pod Kranj :).

  2. Ohh tegale Caudalie mi je ravno Sara priporočila danes. Bi blo za poskusit :)

    1. Poskusi, samo ne si ga dat gor takoj po kremi, ker se bo svalkalo vse dol in bo patchy. Zato sem napisala, da je za zmesat z oljem raj, al pa, da das prej olje gor pa cez neki casa sele pol tole, ker je kar gost tale divine legs :)